“Faith That Works” James 3:1-12, Pastor Doug Walker

“Faith That Works” James 3:1-12, Pastor Doug Walker


Small Group/Interact Questions

  1. Other than being judged more strictly, why do you think James encourages only a few people to become teachers?

  2. In verse 2 James begins the discussion about the power of our words. How does this relate to verse 1?

  3. James uses the examples of a horse’s bridle and the rudder of a ship to indicate how powerful the tongue is. How is what we say connected to the rest of who we are?

  4. In verse 6 it is our tongue that causes “a world of evil,” but it’s not the root of the problem. What is?

  5. If no human being can tame the tongue (v. 8), then who can?

  6. Verses 9-12 demonstrate how we can use our words for both good and evil – James indicates this shouldn’t be so. Good and evil have two different sources. How does this happen, and how do we address it?



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