“Faith That Works” James 2:14-26 – Pastor Doug Walker

“Faith That Works” James 2:14-26 – Pastor Doug Walker

James 2:14-26

  • In verse 14 James asks two questions. How would you answer each of them?

  • Verses 15-16 are likely an exaggeration, but they illustrate an important point. What is it?

  • According to verses 17-18, how can we tell if our faith in Jesus Christ is genuine?

  • Many people think that being a Christian means believing in God and being a good person. What does verse 19 say about this idea?

  • How do verses 20-24 connect with Matthew 7:15-20 and Ephesians 2:10?

  • How has this passage made you feel? If you have been convicted that your faith lacks fruit, what are your next steps? (hint: it’s NOT trying harder to do good works)



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