“Faith That Works” James 3:13-18, Pastor Doug Walker

“Faith That Works” James 3:13-18, Pastor Doug Walker

Small Group Questions

  1. This is the second time James has taken up the topic of wisdom. How did he describe it previously (1:5-8)?

  2. According to verse 13, what are some signs of wisdom? Why do you think James makes note of them?

  3. How does James characterize earthly wisdom (vv. 14-15)?

  4. According to verse 16, where does earthly wisdom lead? Give an example of this.

  5. How does James describe heavenly wisdom (v. 17)? How does a “heavenly-wise” person act?

  6. Compare Galatians 5:22-23 with verses 17-18. What is the connection between faith, works, and wisdom in these passages?



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