Elders & Deacons

Elders & Deacons

On Session Elders   Off Session Elders   Deacons
John Crissman   Jack Ficara   Lisa Fisk
Brandon Dawe   Jim Gee   Ann Hinterman
Alan Fisk, Clerk   Jeff Johnson   Sharon Klimkiewicz
Tom Ghena   Ron Schwedland   David Paterik
Ron Paradowicz, Treas.   Neil Stolman   Barb Paradowicz, Treas.
Ron Webber   Mike Teachman   Julie Phill
    Glenn Trevisan   Alyson Simonds, Chair
    Roy Yanke   Kim Sinclair, Secretary
        Deb Warterian

What is an Elder?

Elders are members of the church who are nominated by the congregation to serve as the spiritual leaders of the church.  Elders serve on Session, which is the main governing board of the church, and each year a new “class” of 2-3 elders are elected by the members of our congregation.  Grace Chapel currently has six Ruling Elders (volunteers from the congregation) and one Teaching Elder (pastor).  Session holds a regular meeting each month and special meetings as necessary.

On vs. Off Session Elders

Ordination as an Elder is a life-long office, however, since Elders serve specific terms on Session, there are several Elders at Grace Chapel who are currently off Session.  Elders may serve on Session more than once, but must take at least one year off between terms.

What is a Deacon?

The Deacon Ministry is one of compassion and care.  The primary role of a Deacon is to initiate and maintain a relationship with their assigned families so they may serve them to the best of their ability.  Deacons strive to be the extended hand of Christ, bringing them love, comfort, and prayers.  The Deacons hold monthly meetings and assists the Pastor with serving communion.