“I See The Lord” Isaiah 52:13-53:12

“I See The Lord” Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Interact Questions

  1. The final “servant song” begins with an enigma: How can the leader of Isaiah 52:13 be the same person described in verses 14-15?
  2. Given the description in the above verses, the question in Isaiah 53:1 is understandable. This question is still being asked today – do you think it’s for the same reasons?
  3. Consider Isaiah 53:3. Who despised Jesus during His earthly ministry?
  4. Isaiah 53:4-6 show that Jesus was despised on our behalf. What did this include?
  5. Isaiah 53:7-9 described in great detail what Jesus endured. What was His attitude?
  6. Isaiah 53:10-12 describe Jesus the servant in a different way? What is it, and why is it important?
  7. Much of this final servant song describes a leader who does not look or act the part. How would your opinion of Jesus be different if you encountered Him as described in this passage?
  8. Re-read the entire passage, and describe in your own words how God saves people from sin and death.


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