“Joy to the World Advent 1” Isaiah 9:6-7

“Joy to the World Advent 1” Isaiah 9:6-7

Interact Questions

  1. Promises always create expectations. In general terms, describe the promise of Isaiah 9:6-7, and the explicit and implicit expectations.
  2. Read Isaiah 9:1-5 to get an understanding of how significant this prophecy is: Note how many times there is a promise of darkness or pain being removed.
  3. List the four “names” of the Messiah in verse 6. Explain what comes to mind with each one.
  4. What environment would you expect a child with these titles to be born into? How does Jesus’ birth match with this expectation?
  5. The Messiah will be the “Everlasting Father” and “Mighty God,” but also “rule on the throne of David.” Why is this key to understanding Jesus?
  6. Why is the last phrase of verse 7 so important?
  7. What expectations do you have for Christmas. What if none of them were met? How would you feel?


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