“I See The Lord” Isaiah 49

“I See The Lord” Isaiah 49

Interact Questions

  1. This is the second “servant song” in Isaiah. Who is speaking? What is he declaring about himself in verses 1-3?
  2. What complaint is made in verse 4?
  3. How does God respond to this complaint? (vv. 7-8)
  4. Verse 6 is referenced in both Luke 2:32 and Acts 13:47. What are the contexts of these two passages, and what do they tell us about the identity and mission of the servant?
  5. What complaint is raised by God’s people (Zion) in verse 14? Has this ever been your complaint? Why?
  6. What assurance does God give to His people in verses 15-16? How do theses verses reference Jesus?


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