“Making Room For The Self-Righteous” Luke 18:9-14

“Making Room For The Self-Righteous” Luke 18:9-14


Interact Questions

  1. What does it mean to be “confident in your own righteousness?” (v. 9)
  2. What are some ways we look down on others (even if we don’t mean to)?
  3. What were the reputations of both the Pharisee and the tax collector?
  4. What’s wrong with the Pharisee’s prayer in verses 11-12?
  5. What’s right with the tax collector’s prayer in verse 13?
  6. Making room for the self-righteous begins with a prayer like the tax collector’s. What does this look like for you?

Children’s Questions

There are two people in Jesus’ story: The Pharisee was a lot like a pastor, spending his time praying, worshipping and teaching others about God. The tax collector sometimes cheated people, and often only cared about himself.

  1. Who do you think the people liked more, the Pharisee or the tax collector?
  2. Who do you think God liked more? Why?
  3. What was the difference between their prayers?
  4. In the end, which man honored God more with his prayer? What reason does Jesus give for this?


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