“Making Room for Grief” Psalm 13

“Making Room for Grief” Psalm 13


Interact Questions

  1. Who wrote this Psalm? Given what you may know about the author’s life, what do you think the circumstances were when he wrote this?
  2. Verses 1-2 show two distinct struggles the author is having. What are they?
  3. Does verse three sound pretentious? Would you ever talk to God like this?
  4. Describe the shift between verses 1-4 and 5-6.
  5. How do you typically observe grief? How does the author’s cry of “how long” describe you?
  6. What seems to be God’s design when it comes to grief? How easily do we embrace it?

Children’s Questions

  1. How many times does this Psalm say “how long?”
  2. In verse 1, what is the author worried about?
  3. What is the author worried about in verse 2?
  4. How are verses 1-4 different from verses 5-6?
  5. What does it mean that his “heart rejoices in your salvation?” (v. 5)
  6. Think of a time when you were really, really sad. What made you feel better?


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