“Making Room For Your Betrayers” Acts 9:17-31

“Making Room For Your Betrayers” Acts 9:17-31


Interact Questions

  1. Recount Saul’s experience on the Damascus road (verses 1-9). What condition was he in when he reached Judas’ house on Straight Street?
  2. In verses 10-12, God clearly tells Ananias to go do something. What was it, and how did Ananias respond?
  3. Ultimately, Ananias went to Straight Street. What happened?
  4. Read verse 21. Does this sound like something you would say if your were there? Why or why not?
  5. Read verse 26. Saul obviously hadn’t won over everyone. What did it take for the disciples to finally receive him?
  6. What would it take for you to make room for someone who has betrayed you? How would you go about it?

Children’s Questions

  1. Read verses 1-9 of Acts 9. What happened to Saul?
  2. Why was Ananias afraid of Saul?
  3. Read verses 17-19. What happened to Saul after Ananias prayed for him?
  4. Read verse 26. What did the rest of the disciples think of Saul?
  5. Saul went on to become Paul, the person who wrote many books of the Bible. Even though he hurt and scared a lot of Christians, God still used him. What does this teach you about dealing with people who have hurt you?


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