Appalachia 2010 Update #4

Appalachia 2010 Update #4

Today was, in a word, “HOT”. The weather index was well over 100 and real temps in the 100s. In spite of the heat God was at work. The three work crews expect to be done by lunch tomorrow. This is truly amazing. Last year on Thursday night we were crying out to God and begging for him to expand our time. This year we were rejoicing together over all that God has accomplished.

What has struck us most significantly is the immediate ways that God has answered prayer. Tonight is a great example. We prayed that he would send rain tonight instead of tomorrow. As the clock turned to 10:30 (which is bedtime around here) the sky rumbled, flashed with lightning and the rain began to pour. God is faithful and good.

Our sharing time tonight, which will be our last in Appalachia, was incredible. It is apparent that the 32 of us are truly one body serving our master together. It is remarkable. The mood was somber as we realized afresh that the need here is beyond anything we can change in a week. This area has 27% unemployment and in good times hovers around 17%. What became clear tonight is the reality that God was using us not simply to renew a few homes or help kids read, but, to show himself through us to those whom we were serving.

Our hearts are heavy as we realize that we are leaving this place. Yet, we are hopeful. We are hopeful that God will raise up more people from Grace Chapel to join us next year to serve the people of Menifee County, Kentucky.

Story of the day: Nate Morrison was able to grab some time with Brian, a 16 year old at the drywall house, and play a little PS2. Brian took the Cavs with LeBron and Nate took the Pistons and soundly beat Brian. But that’s not the story! Nate was able to broach a spiritual conversation with Brian and realized that it wasn’t that hard. He walked away today knowing that he wants to have more of these conversations when he gets home!

Prayer requests:
Pray that the weather would be great for our cookout tomorrow at project worth. We are expecting about 100 people from the area to attend. Cedar Grove EPC will be presenting the gospel through a drama. Please pray that those who don’t know Christ will respond and trust him.
Pray for the Project Worth team who will be putting in a 12 hour day. Pray for energy, stamina, and joy in the midst of their service.
Pray that the last bits get done well on our three home sites.
Pray that each of us will have significant conversations with people far from God at the cookout.


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