Appalachia 2010 Update #3

Appalachia 2010 Update #3

Today was another good day in Appalachia. The heat index was well over 100 degrees which made the working conditions very difficult. Zak Wolschon and Zach “Norm” Lumley were siding the peak of a home which has a tin roof. The roof was so hot that the soles of their boots were getting a bit “sticky”!

The siding crew is 90% done. But, John Crissman said, “We’re going to have to earn the last 10%!” This team is unique because we are working alongside another church. They had too many people for their job and sent three over to work there. The other thing that is unique is that the homeowners are working shoulder to shoulder with us.

The deck crew continues to work hard with a few breaks to play with the chickens. Angela Malek has taken a particular interest in the rooster who never, ever, shuts up! The decking is done and they are hoping to finish the roof of the porch tomorrow and finish the railing on Friday morning.

The drywall crew continues to steadily work along. The girls have begun “glubbing” (mud and tape) the rooms where all the drywall has been hung. We have one ceiling left and the job will just about be finished. Nate Morrison has shown great proficiency is killing and dissecting wasps and horseflies that are big enough to catch and ride.

Project Worth is going really well! The kids are beginning to respond and diving into the program that our teachers have created. One of the most exciting moments came as a girl named Nicky, who up to today has been uninterested in anything, has begun to really dive into the reading and writing program. We think she may have even smiled today! It was a great breakthrough! A boy named Irvin (he’s the one with blisters, that aren’t on his hands!) also broke through today. He declared yesterday that he couldn’t write. Today he laid on the floor with Julie Folkert and began writing the story about getting his blisters. He ran around showing everyone that he could write!

Our theme today was Jesus the Lord. Tonight during our debriefing we talked about the phrase “Kentucky Good” which is an attitude some have about doing less than quality work. We discussed how the reality of Jesus being Lord makes it impossible for us to be satisfied with “Kentucky Good” we are striving for “Kingdom Good”. This also relates to our lives, we want our walk with Jesus to be “Kingdom Good” and not “Kentucky Good”.

We are seeing prayers answered! Libby is well, the sermons from Isaiah 53 are hitting home, the van is fixed, Alan is handling everything that is coming his way, the weather, while hot has been great, and nobody has been injured (not even a banged thumb!).

Please pray:
That the heat would break for the outreach on Friday night (we are throwing a cookout for the families that we are serving at Project Worth and work sites).
Please pray that we would be able to finish our jobs with continued safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.
Pray for continued unity among the four churches that are serving together here.
Pray that we would be able to clearly share the gospel with those whom we are serving.


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