Appalachia 2010 Update #2

Appalachia 2010 Update #2

Tuesday was another good day in Appalachia! The house that we are siding is almost done. There’s a small chance that it could be finished today. The deck crew has the structure completely built for the deck and will begin decking and building the roof structure today. They should be done tomorrow. The drywall team is working hard but is slowed by the difficulty of hanging drywall on the ceiling in a house that has no square corners!

The students are all doing really well. They are serving with great humility. One of the key moments took place yesterday at the deck site. There was an error in measuring that required a portion of the deck to be completely removed and not a single person complained.

God is at work here!

Our theme today (Wednesday) is “Jesus the Lord”, please pray for all of us as we meditate on this reality. Please also pray for the weather, it is very, very hot and the siding team is moving to the roof, a tin roof, where the heat is magnified.

Answered prayers:
Libby Rose is feeling better!
The sermons are going well and the folks on the trip seem to be responding.
The van’s tires have been fixed and we are up and running!


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