“Faith That Works” James 1:1-8, Pastor Doug Walker

“Faith That Works” James 1:1-8, Pastor Doug Walker

  1. James is not addressed to a particular town or church, rather it is directed to the  “twelve tribes scattered among the nations.” What does this mean?

  2. Verse 2 says we should approach our trials with “pure joy.” How is this possible?

  3. According to verse 3, what does the testing of our faith produce? What does this mean?

  4. Verse 5 indicates that wisdom is available from God to all who ask. What is the stipulation that follows in verse 6?

  5. List examples of what it means to be “blown and tossed by the wind,” or “double-minded and unstable.”

  6. Consider this passage in two distinct ways: First, as a sound piece of advice without any context, and second, as an outworking of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Note the differences.



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