“Because He Lives” John 14:18-19, Pastor Doug Walker

“Because He Lives” John 14:18-19, Pastor Doug Walker

  1. Read the first 17 verses of chapter 14 – what does Jesus promise? What are His warnings? How do the two verses in today’s passage fit with the overall theme of the chapter?

  2. In verse 18, Jesus says He will not leave us as orphans (literally fatherless). Why is this statement important?

  3. Why won’t the world see Jesus? Why will believers be able to “see” Him?

  4. Verse 19b contains the great hope of Easter – Because He lives, we also will live. What does this mean?

  5. Connect the statement in 19b to verses 1-4 of this same chapter. Do the same with verses 25-27.

  6. How does “resurrection living” differ from the way you’re living life right now?



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