“I See The Lord” Isaiah 25

“I See The Lord” Isaiah 25

Interact Questions

  1. Read chapter 24. What is Isaiah promising the Lord will do?
  2. Given the content of chapter 24, doesn’t chapter 25 seem kind of strange? Why or why not?
  3. How do verse 1-5 show God’s sovereignty, justice and compassion?
  4. Verse 6-8 are often called “The Messianic Banquet.” Who is invited, and what is accomplished at this banquet?
  5. Verse 9 describes those who trust in the Lord, while verses 10-11 tell of those who do not. Describe the difference.
  6. This chapter has a slippery time frame. Do you think it’s describing the time after Babylon conquers Judah? Or is it the end of time when God judges the nations an makes all things new?


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