“I See The Lord” Isaiah 29:11-24

“I See The Lord” Isaiah 29:11-24

Interact Questions

  1. Chapter 28 begins a new section that is continued through Chapter 29. What is the theme?
  2. Verse 1 identifies Jerusalem as “Ariel” which means “altar/hearth,” or the place of an ever-burning fire. Fire can be purifying and destructive, so how is does this name fit God’s people?
  3. Verses 11-12 present a metaphor of the people in Jerusalem. What is the point?
  4. Verse 13 is quoted in Matthew 15:7 and Mark 7:6. Describe the context in which Jesus uses this phrase.
  5. Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-25. How does the Apostle Paul use Isaiah 29:14?
  6. Paul also quotes verse 16 in Romans 9:19. What is the message in that passage?
  7. When you combine today’s passage with the three quotations from the New Testament, what does it say about God? Jesus? You?


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