The Kingdom of Heaven is Like

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like

The Kingdom of Heaven is like an army engaged in a far reaching battle. One day the commander in chief of the army sent orders to the captain of one of his companies:

“Have your lieutenant ready a platoon to be deployed to an additional front.”

The lieutenant assembled a small group of volunteers for the platoon. Under the direction of the commander in chief he scouted surrounding territory and selected an appropriate area.

The civil leaders of the area welcomed the lieutenant and his platoon. Local volunteers began to be added to the platoon. The lieutenant familiarized himself with his new assignment, and trained his platoon.

Some members of the sending company grumbled. “We can’t afford to lose any soldiers,” they said among themselves. “How will we accomplish our mission with reduced troops? The captain is making a mistake.” Some requested a transfer, some deserted the company.

Some of those who remained became discouraged. Perhaps they had forgotten that all soldiers serve at the pleasure of the commander in chief.

The captain and lieutenant met regularly to plan strategy and review the commander’s orders.

After two years, the lieutenant and his platoon were ready to fully engage the enemy and establish their claim to this new territory. The battle, after all, was not about who served where, the battle was against the enemy of the commander in chief.

And everyone serving must follow orders.

He who has ears, let him hear.


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