Appalachia Impact 2K9

Appalachia Impact 2K9

I am home in a quiet house trying to process the week that was Appalachia Impact 2K9. It was intense. It was hard.  It was a week where God moved in mighty ways in me and through me. It was a week where I saw many students wrestling with the weighty things of God.  It was a week where we came face to face with abject poverty. We saw first hand the beauty and ugliness of the American rural experience. We hammered, we nailed, we laughed, we cried, and we threw water balloons.

Yes, the week that was Appalachia Impact 2K9.

The question that I have is what happens next? Will any of us continue to wrestle with what we saw? Will any of us actually be changed? Will we remember the stories of Rhetta Ferrell? Will we remember the heartache we experienced as we heard the story of her family cemetery? Will we recall in a week or two the depth of our privilege and overabundance? Will we remember the lessons learned?

I hope that we will.  I hope that as a community we will help one another remember. I hope that as individuals we will continue to deal with ourselves and the decisions that need to be made and acted upon as a result of this week.

Will we remember? I pray that we will.


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