Posts from April 2010

Posts from April 2010

Jesus Wants What? Part 3

God the Father sent Jesus. Jesus knew the plan ahead of time. When the time came Jesus asked, Is there another way? He wrestled with his father and then moved out in obedience. And he did some pretty stupid stuff. Jesus did good to his enemies. He did not strike back. He did not go down fighting. Spit upon. Nothing. Beaten. Nothing. Yelled at, mocked. Nothing. Put on a…

Jesus Wants What? Part 2

Doug told us last Sunday Jesus wants us to be stupid, which is pretty evident if you listen to some of the stuff he says, Jesus that is, not Doug. Even Peter knew better. Jesus told them the Son of Man must die. Peter said, No Way! Jesus answered, Get behind me Satan. Peter knew who Jesus was, he was the Messiah, the Jews would be saved by Messiah. But if Messiah dies,…

Jesus Wants What? Part 1

Doug was pretty funny Sunday, don’t you think? He told us he thinks Jesus wants us to be stupid. Nice. Just how stupid does Jesus want us to be? Well, pretty darn stupid if you look at the things he says… Do good to your enemies… If someone takes your shirt give him your coat too… If someone imposes on you, go an extra mile… Now, he doesn’t really mean those…

Your Kid WILL Hate Jesus…Or not.

There is a fascinating study that just came out and I recommend you taking  a read at the summary article here.  You will find that it highlights and debunks some common myths regarding the spirituality of the emerging adult generation.  I wanted to key in on one of the myths (after the jump):

Tourists or Pilgrims

According to the World Tourism Organization, 946 billion dollars were spent globally on tourism in 2008. While the economic downturn has no doubt had an impact on that figure over the past couple years, there seems to be little doubt that we are a culture of tourists. There are things to see, places to visit and digital cameras to fill with exciting pictures. I confess…
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