Posts from February 2010

Posts from February 2010

Pulling a Peter

I’ve been doing my imitation of the apostle Peter, and not his good side. When Jesus told Peter to come to him on the water, Peter did. But that’s not the Peter I’ve been imitating lately. I’d like to get to the part where I climb out of the boat toward Jesus, He’s certainly waiting for my response. My response to what? To The Question. THE Question. The one I…

Why Starbucks?

Third Space. It’s not home. It’s not school. It’s not church. It’s out there.  It’s somewhere that is nobody’s turf.  It’s a place where you can go and be who you are and not who people think you ought to be. This is Third Space.  This generation is facing more pressure and expectations than any before it.  The youth of today have…

Valentine’s Day

Ah Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love. A day when young people, ok girls, dream that red hearts and chocolate will lead to a white dress and cake. When a couple becomes engaged the focus shifts, rather radically, from the couple themselves to a day. A single day in the future that begins to take over. A date is chosen, church and hall must be reserved.…

Cookie Cutters

Are you a baker?  I am not.  The few cookie cutters I own are used for decoration on my kitchen windowsill at Christmas.  We may have used them to make cookies.  Once.
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