Jesus Wants What? Part 2

Jesus Wants What? Part 2

Doug told us last Sunday Jesus wants us to be stupid, which is pretty evident if you listen to some of the stuff he says, Jesus that is, not Doug.

Even Peter knew better.

Jesus told them the Son of Man must die.

Peter said, No Way!

Jesus answered, Get behind me Satan.

Peter knew who Jesus was, he was the Messiah, the Jews would be saved by Messiah. But if Messiah dies, well, it’s game over. Sure he can heal people and raise other people from the dead. But if you’re dead, there’s no doing anything. You’re dead.

So if Messiah dies what does that accomplish?


Peter just didn’t know. Couldn’t grasp the whole concept. Couldn’t wrap his mind around how Jesus dying was going to help anything. He truly thought it was game over.

Jesus knew it wasn’t.


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