Jesus Wants What? Part 1

Jesus Wants What? Part 1

Doug was pretty funny Sunday, don’t you think? He told us he thinks Jesus wants us to be stupid. Nice.

Just how stupid does Jesus want us to be?

Well, pretty darn stupid if you look at the things he says…
Do good to your enemies…
If someone takes your shirt give him your coat too…
If someone imposes on you, go an extra mile…

Now, he doesn’t really mean those things…there are qualifications, questions that must be asked and answered.

I mean what’s going to happen if I start giving stuff to everyone who asks? How are they going to learn to take care of themselves? I might end up with nothing. What will that accomplish?

How am I supposed to do good to my enemies? Who are my enemies? Irritating people or real enemies? I could get hurt, I don’t know how someone is going to respond. I will be vulnerable. What will that accomplish?

We just have to look at Jesus’ life to see he doesn’t want us to be as stupid as some of this stuff sounds. I mean, when people hurled accusations at him, what did he do?

When people struck him what happened?

When one of his closest friends betrayed him how did he respond?

See, he was Messiah, the Son of God, if he let his enemies walk all over him how would they know who he was?

If he died, what would that accomplish?


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