>Two Scoops

>Two Scoops


I like children’s music and videos and stories. I learn a lot from them. Sometimes the most profound truth can be explained with two scoops and some breakfast cereal.

Posted by Robin Schmidt on February 26th, 2009

I heard a children’s sermon once that really stuck with me.

Hugh Auburn of Bay Presbyterian Church gathered the children one Sunday morning and invited one of them to help him. He had two large mixing bowls full of cereal, one for himself, the other for his helper.

He told her the object was to scoop her cereal into his bowl while he scooped his cereal into her bowl. He gave her a big spoon and then pulled out a serving spoon, which was larger, and they began.

Cereal flew and it was immediately obvious that his larger spoon was scooping faster than her spoon. In the way of children everywhere she stopped and declared that it wasn’t fair, his spoon was bigger. He was quite gracious and offered her his spoon, which she happily took.

He then pulled out an even larger spoon. They began again, cereal flying, laughing, same result. She stopped, I want that spoon. He gave her his larger spoon and pulled out an even larger one. She asked for that one before they even began scooping again. He obliged, but came up with an even larger spoon/scoop.

He then looked at us all and said, “You can’t out-scoop God.”

I can’t out-scoop God. What a great thought!

I’ve read Malachi 3:10, Luke 6:27-38, Matthew 6:25-34, Philippians 4:10-20, II Corinthians 8 and 9, James 2:14-16.

But you know what? I’ve never tried to out-scoop God. I’ve never jumped in throwing cereal as fast as I can only to see God showering it faster. Is God standing with his large scoop waiting? “C’mon Robin, try me. Let’s play out-scoop me!”

That idea has joined with another – “Do what is right without giving way to fear” 1 Peter 3:6…

and another from Psalm 50…God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

The cattle on a thousand hills? Have you ever seen cattle on hills? I’ve seen eight deer on our Grace Chapel incline. But the idea of God owning the cattle on a thousand hills is a little fuzzy to me.

You know what I have seen? Dollars. I have seen dollars and I have seen checking accounts. I think we might get a better idea if we translated that verse – God owns the dollars in a thousand checking accounts.

God owns the dollars in my checking account.

I am starting to get excited. I am looking about for a large spoon. I think I am ready to begin playing Lord, get set, GO!


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