>Life Chain 2007

>Life Chain 2007


Submitted by Neil Stolman

This past Sunday 24 people took part in holding up signs supporting ‘Life’ along the Halsted entrance to Grace Chapel. From 2:30 – 3:30pm a steady stream of traffic worked its way up and down Halsted, along with the many cars leaving the strip mall across the street. Even though it was just for an hour, it seemed a bit longer as the hot sun was beating down on us pretty well. Seven of the 24 people, consisting of four adults and three children, were from other churches. They had noticed that our church was on the list of road choices for the event this year, and decided to join us. How cool was that! To the folks from Grace Chapel who participated, as always, it was an honor to have you there standing with us and supporting the innocent victims who die by the thousands every day in this country – the unborn children. God Bless you all.


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