>What’s happening at Grace?

>What’s happening at Grace?

>Do you have the Good $ense to Just walk across the room to the Men’s Fraternity?

Let me be more specific…

Tuesday, September 11th at 6:00am Grace Chapel will launch a Men’s Fraternity study “The Quest for Authentic Manhood.” Men across the nation will be gathering to discover the biblical principles of authentic manhood. This study is not limited to men who attend Grace Chapel, it is open to men of other churches and men who do not attend church at all. Doug Walker will lead this journey designed to help you understand your masculine identity. Join the Men’s Fraternity Tuesday mornings at 6am and bring your Y chromosome friends.

Good $ense is a ministry that explores the practical application of biblical principles to our finances. An anonymous donor has provided the funds to offer the Good Sense seminar free to the community. You might might call that financial evangelism. The two day seminar will be held Friday, September 21st 6-9pm and Saturday, September 22nd 8am-12:30pm. The seminar and accompanying booklet are free, but pre-registration is required. Sign up in the Narthex after church or phone (248) 488-0151 ext. 226. Watch for advertising that will be popping up on the radio and in newsprint – invite your friends!

Those last two paragraphs ended with the same thought: tell your friends. At sometime, someone told you God exists and He is the designer of all that we see. Someone told you God loves you. Someone told you about the forgiveness Jesus offers. It’s your turn now. How do you start? Just walk across the room. This October we will study together how to share the most important news anyone will ever hear. You will be hearing more about that from Mike Gorr in the coming weeks.

And that is just a part of what’s happening at Grace Chapel this fall.


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