Sunday School – It's not that important. NOT!

Sunday School – It's not that important. NOT!

It’s hard to get up on Sunday mornings for the 9:30 am Sunday School. Saturday night was late.  The fight isn’t worth it.  So, you grab the paper and a cup of coffee and arrive in time for worship at 10:45, after all, youth group is in the evening and that will be enough (except that homework did not get done and it is due on Monday).

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Well, George Barna, has released a study on Sunday School.  It turns out that it is worth the fight. At Grace Chapel we believe that Sunday School is mission critical.  This is the time when your kids get solid biblical instruction contextualized for them. The studies continue to show that Sunday School is one of the important markers for spiritual longevity. So, I want to encourage you to take the steps necessary to prepare yourself and your children for a day of worship and spiritual development on Sundays.  Get a good night’s sleep, work on homework Saturday, and set expectations for both parental and child involvement in Sunday School (there are great offerings for you too).

Our job as parents is tough.  We face struggles on a daily basis that cut us to the quick.  We are trying to help sinful people become followers of Christ.  It’s painful at times and often our greatest goal is peace and quiet. Our calling as parents to children of the covenant is high and it is worthy of great honor.  Thankfully, God has called us into a community where we can receive help, support, and encouragement.


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