Why Starbucks?

Why Starbucks?

Third Space. It’s not home. It’s not school. It’s not church. It’s out there.  It’s somewhere that is nobody’s turf.  It’s a place where you can go and be who you are and not who people think you ought to be. This is Third Space.  This generation is facing more pressure and expectations than any before it.  The youth of today have schedules that rival any CEO’s.  They simply don’t have any gaps.  They bounce from one important thing to another.  They need someplace to be themselves.  That place is “Starbucks”.

It doesn’t have to be  Starbucks, it could be Ram’s Horn, it could be Biggby, it could anywhere but the usual. Home and friends’ homes are first spaces.  Then you move into institutions like work, school, or church and you come to second spaces.  In first and second space you have to live up to an expectation.  In third space you can be who you are.

Third space is the gathering place.  This generation no longer gathers in first or second spaces they come to third spaces for their social outlets. The best third spaces are intimate, close, and have a connection to the community. So, if we are going to reach this generation then we must embrace the third space and understand how to step into it.


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