Welcome to The Fuge

Welcome to The Fuge

Hello! Welcome to ‘The Fuge’. This is a little blog where you as a parent of a Refuge student can hear about what is going through the minds of the Refuge leaders and maybe a glimpse into the minds of your kids.

A couple of ground rules before we begin.  First, I want to remind you that everything here is PUBLIC. So, if you post, there is a chance your kid will see it. Consider using anonymous as your name and definitely DO NOT use any kids names. Second, comments will be reviewed. This means that you will not see your comment immediately.  However, it also means that every comment will be read by me.

I hope and pray that this little blog will be helpful as we trust God together to see the kids of Grace Chapel become godly men and women for the glory of God.

Because He Lives,

Dan Rose – Director of Student and Family Ministries

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