“Christian Civility: Humility & Respect in An Uncivil World” Mark 2:1-12

“Christian Civility: Humility & Respect in An Uncivil World” Mark 2:1-12

Small Group/Interact Questions

  1. Imagine this story being told from the perspective of all the different eyewitnesses. List the different people in attendance, and talk about what each of their perspectives may have been.

  2. In ancient Israel, the paralyzed man’s condition would have been connected to a spiritual problem. Maybe it was disobedience God, or a grievous sin committed by the person or his family. Why is this information important to the story?

  3. When Jesus encountered the man, what was the first thing He did and said? Why is this significant?

  4. Jesus forgives the paralyzed man’s sin based upon faith. Whose faith? What does this say about the power of relationships?

  5. How did the Pharisees view Jesus’ actions? What does their comment in verse 7 say about Jesus?

  6. Why is knowing the backstory of everyone there (including Jesus) important to not only understanding this passage, but to the way we deal with people in our lives?



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