“I See The Lord” Isaiah 42:1-9

“I See The Lord” Isaiah 42:1-9

Interact Questions

  1. According to Isaiah 41:8, who is the ”servant” in Isaiah 42:1?
  2. According to Matthew 12:18, who is the servant?
  3. How is the servant characterized in verses 1-4?
  4. The term “islands” in verse 4 refers to distant lands, likely inhabited by Gentiles and not Jews. How does this verse help in your understanding of the “servant?”
  5. Luke 2:28-32 quotes verse 6. What is the context in the Luke passage? How does this clarify Jesus’ mission?
  6. Verses 8-9 moves the emphasis from Jesus to God the Father. How are these two verses connected to the seven that come before it?


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