“Why the Reformation Matters Today” Romans 1:16-17

“Why the Reformation Matters Today” Romans 1:16-17

Interact Questions

  1. Martin Luther’s 95 Theses were written to create a discussion among pastors and theologians. Why do you think it became so much more?
  2. What prompted Luther to post these 95 statements?
  3. Many people think that the Reformation was simply an anti-Catholic movement. Is this accurate?
  4. Romans 1:16-17 was a favorite passage of Martin Luther’s. How do you think this passage contributed to the power of the Reformation?
  5. How does this passage define and describe the gospel?
  6. Why would someone be ashamed of the gospel?
  7. What is the difference between Paul’s statement that the gospel “is” power, and the idea that gospel “brings” or “offers” power?
  8. How does someone become righteous, and what does it mean that “the righteous shall live by faith?”


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