“I See The Lord” Isaiah 12

“I See The Lord” Isaiah 12

Interact Questions

  1. What is the context of this chapter?  If chapter 12 marks the conclusion of a section that began in chapter 6, how would you describe all that took place in the intervening chapters?
  2. Who is speaking in this chapter?  Whom is being spoken of?
  3. What (and also when) is meant by the phrase “in that day?”
  4. Verse 1 highlights the fundamental problem for all humanity.  What is it?  How is it addressed (i.e. How does God go from angry to not angry)?
  5. Verse 2 begins and ends with the declaration that God is our salvation.  In the middle of the verse are four characteristics of that salvation.  What are they?
  6. The pronoun “you” in verses 3 and 4 is plural.  How does this cause you to look at the passage differently?
  7. Verses 5 and 6 tell us what the appropriate response to our salvation should be.  This admonition is also found in countless other passages throughout the Bible.  Do these verses challenge you?  If you are a “non-singer,” how do you respond?


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