“I See The Lord” Isaiah 7-9

“I See The Lord” Isaiah 7-9

Interact Questions

  1. What is taking place in Isaiah 7:1-2? What is the most shocking element of these two verses?
  2. In 7:3-8, what advice does Isaiah give to Ahaz?
  3. Isaiah 7:9b is a powerful saying. What are the ways Ahaz could “stand firm in his faith?” Think of a recent difficult decision. Did you “stand firm?” Why or why not?
  4. In Isaiah 7:12, Ahaz indicates He will not make the decision God is prompting him to. What are the results?
  5. In Isaiah 7:14-17 is a famous prophecy of Jesus Christ. How does He fit in this story?
  6. Isaiah 9:1-7 continues the prophecy of the Messiah Jesus that began in chapter 7. Jesus did not come to earth until 740 years after this prophecy. Does this timeframe make you uncomfortable? Why or why not?


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