“I See The Lord” Isaiah 6

“I See The Lord” Isaiah 6

Interact Questions
1. Read the first four verses of Chapter 6 and make a list of all the things Isaiah heard and saw. What do these things tell us about God?
2. Compare verses 2 and 3 with Revelation 4:6-9. Are these the same heavenly creatures? How are they different?
3. Why do you think the Seraphim were covering their faces and feet?
4. In verse 5, Isaiah is overwhelmed by the weight of his sin. What brought this about?
5. What is the significance of the angel touching Isaiah’s lips with a burning coal?
6. Why do you think Isaiah was so eager to go wherever God would send him?
7. Matthew 13, Mark 4, and Luke 8 (the parable of the sower) all quote Isaiah 6:9-10. This is a difficult passage – why do you think Jesus is quoting it?
8. What is the most important idea that you take away from this passage

Children’s Questions
1. Read verses 1 & 2. Whom does Isaiah see?
2. Verse 2 describes a creature (maybe an angel) in heaven. Based upon what the verse says, draw a picture of this creature.
3. Read verse 4. What happened when these creatures called out to one another?
4. What happens in verse 6? What about verse 7?
5. How did Isaiah respond?


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