Sex, Marriage, and Abstinence

Sex, Marriage, and Abstinence

There is a new article that just hit the public eye in the most recent Christianity Today. It’s an article that argues for early marriage.  The author, Mark Regnerus spends some time looking at numbers about sex and Christian teens. He makes an insightful argument for why the issue that is before us is not a sex problem but a marriage problem.  Regnerus makes some very good points that what we have done by pressing the abstinence thing so hard is to move marriage (a holy, covenantal institution) out of the center and replaced by legalism. 

Please hear me, he is not arguing for some sort of back tracking where we don’t talk about purity.  But, Regnerus is encouraging a shift in perspective on the conversation and bringing marriage back to the center. I thought that it was worth the read.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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