“Making Room For Love” 1 Corinthians 13

“Making Room For Love” 1 Corinthians 13


Interact Questions

  1. What is the connection between chapter 13 and Paul’s discussion of spiritual gifts in chapter 12?
  2. The first three verses of chapter thirteen contain a series of “if-then” statements. Can you summarize them into one big “if-then?”
  3. In verses 4-8, Paul defines love. Does this represent the love you offer to others? Is it the type of love you typically receive?
  4. In verses 8-10 we see that spiritual gifts will “pass away,” and what we now know “in part,” will be completed. What does this mean?
  5. How does verse 11 connect with the previous three verses?
  6. The Corinthian church was placing a lot of emphasis on the gifts of prophecy, speaking in tongues, and knowledge. What do we put a lot of emphasis on in the church today? Are we guilty of marginalizing love like they did?
  7. What does it mean for faith, hope and love to “remain?” Why is that important for us today?

Children’s Questions

  1. Verses 1-3 talks about the different things Christians can do. What is the most important part? What happens if you’re missing the most important part?
  2. What does it mean to love someone? How do you show this love?
  3. Verses 4-8 tell us what love is. Talk with an adult about what each one means.
  4. Read verse 11. What do you think it means to “put the ways of childhood behind me?”
  5. What are the “three things that remain?” Which is the greatest? Why do you think it’s the greatest?


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