“Making Room for Children” Mark 10:13-16

“Making Room for Children” Mark 10:13-16

Interact Questions

  1. Why would the disciples scold people for bringing their children to Jesus?
  2. What was the reason people wanted their children to see Him?
  3. How did Jesus respond to His disciples?
  4. What is the “kingdom of God?”
  5. What does it mean to receive this kingdom “like a little child?”
  6. List some specific “grown-up” things that hinder your communion with God. How does making room for children help with these hindrances?

Children’s Questions

  1. Verse 13 says the disciples “rebuked” the people for bringing children to Jesus. This means they were angry at them and scolding them. Why would they do that?
  2. What did Jesus tell the disciples?
  3. What do you think the “kingdom of God” is?
  4. In verse 16, Jesus blesses the children. What are some ways that Jesus has blessed you?


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