“Making Room For Others” Romans 15:1-7

“Making Room For Others” Romans 15:1-7


Small Group Questions

  1. Give a practical example of how verse 1 works.
  2. In verse 2, who is our neighbor? (see Luke 10:25-37)
  3. Who is the “you” and “me” in verse 3? What does the phrase in quotations mean?
  4. Read verse 5. What is the “attitude of mind that Christ Jesus had?”
  5. What does it mean to “accept one another” just as Christ accepted you? What is the result of doing so?

Children’s Questions

  1. What does verse 2 say about how you should treat your neighbor?
  2. Who is your neighbor?
  3. What book is verse 4 talking about? What does this book do for us?
  4. Read verse 7. What does it say we should do for other people? Why should we do this?