“Making Room for the Gospel” Revelation 3:20

“Making Room for the Gospel” Revelation 3:20


Small Group/Interact Questions

  1. The context of Revelation 3:20 is a letter to the church in Laodicea. What is the charge Jesus brings against this church?
  2. How are the people of the Laodicean church described? What similarities do you notice in yourself and the modern church?
  3. Verse 19 is understood by most Christians, but often ignored. Why?
  4. Explain why verses 19 and 20 go together?
  5. Obviously Jesus doesn’t have to stand at the door and knock (He can go in anytime He wants!) – why does He?
  6. How do you reconcile Ephesians 2:8-9 (salvation is completely up to God) and Revelation 3:20 (humans must “answer” the door)?

Children’s Questions

  1. Revelation 3:20 is part of a letter written to the church in a town called Laodicea. Take a few moments to read the whole story (3:14-3:22).
  2. What does verse 14 say about Jesus?
  3. What does verse 17 say about the people in the church?
  4. Why would Jesus stand at the door and knock if He was powerful enough just to go right in?
  5. Have you let Jesus into your life?