“Resurrection Road” Luke 24:13-35

“Resurrection Road” Luke 24:13-35

Easter Sunday

Small Group Questions

  1. How long was the journey to Emmaus? How long do you think the men were with Jesus?
  2. What was the general attitude of the two men? Does their explanation in verses 19-24 justify their mindset?
  3. What were they doing when “their eyes were opened?” How does this connect to the Lord’s Supper?
  4. Verse 27 indicates that Jesus Christ is evident throughout the Old Testament. Can you think of a few verses that illustrate this?
  5. Describe some ways the two men “made room” for Jesus.
  6. Compare verse 34 with verses 22-24. They obviously knew the facts but weren’t convinced. Why?

Children’s Questions

  1. What does Easter mean to you? What is important about this day?
  2. Read verse 13. Where were the men going? How far was it?
  3. What were the two men talking about before Jesus joined them?
  4. Look at verses 30-31. What was Jesus doing when the men recognized Him?
  5. Read verses 33-35. What did the men tell the other disciples? Why did it take so long for them to know this?


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