>What did you do Wednesday?

>What did you do Wednesday?

>October 31 Grace Chapel families scattered to their homes, to await their neighbors….

This was the first year the porch light was on at the Schmidt house, and it rocked my oldest daughter’s world. So I sat on my porch steps (it was such a nice evening) talking to Anne on my cell phone and explaining why, after 25 years, we were passing out Halloween candy. I would interrupt our call every couple of minutes to greet Spiderman or various princesses who came calling.

For about two hours I greeted children and parents, admired costumes, joked about dental bills, and offered candy to older siblings who were walking with their families. It was a very pleasant and relaxing evening.

Being on the border of the city of Detroit, most of our Trick or Treaters are driven in from other neighborhoods, and so I didn’t meet many of my local neighbors. The folks I saw I won’t likely see again, until maybe next year, if they liked my candy, and yes, it was the good stuff.

As I tried to explain to Anne, this was less about Halloween, and more about people, just being friendly to people. By the time we hung up I think she had an idea of how sitting on my front porch giving out candy and smiles might be something Jesus would do.

What about you? What did you do on Halloween?


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