Sermon Discussion Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions

Small Group Questions (July 2)

  1. Read all of Isaiah 1.  What is the context of this passage?

  2. How does one “learn” to do right?

  3. What is “justice” and how do you seek it?

  4. What do the three types of people described in this verse have in common?

  5. Making room for widows and orphans involves more than just widows and orphans.  Explain why.

  6. Think about someone you know (or are just acquainted with) that may have difficulty fending for themselves.  How can you make room for them?

    “Making Room for Widows and Orphans” Isaiah 1:17

Small Group Questions (June 25)

  1. Describe what it means for the church to be “one in heart and mind.” What would it look like to have one without the other?

  2. In verse 32 it says “everyone shared everything they had.” Is that possible in today’s society?

  3. Verse 33 lays the foundation for the church. How does the testimony of Jesus’ resurrection bring about the power of God’s grace?

  4. What are the specific ways in which God’s grace was powerfully at work?

  5. How does this passage help you understand tithing? Do you feel like the generosity shown in this passage is unreasonable?

  6. Describe a good “modern day” example of the church based upon this passage.

    “Making Room For The Church” Acts 4:32-37