Sermon Discussion Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions

Second Sunday of Advent –Isaiah 22:22 [December 9]
“Until the Son of God Appears”

Interact/Small Group Questions

  1. Read the whole of Isaiah chapter 22. What is the context of verse 22?

  2. What are the specific things that keys can do?

  3. Look closely at Isaiah 22:20-21. Eliakim means “whom God will raise up.” How does this affect your understanding of this passage?

  4. Read Revelation 3:7. How (and to whom) does this passage connect Isaiah 22:22?

  5. What things does Jesus Christ unlock for you? What does He keep locked up?

  6. Read Matthew 16:18-19. What does this passage mean for believers?

  7. By Christ’s authority, what are things you can lock and unlock by His power?

First Sunday of Advent – Micah 7:7 [December 2]
“Until the Son of God Appears”

Small Group/Interact Questions

  1. What is the context of Micah 7:7 within the whole book?

  2. Verse 7 begins with the phrase, “but as for me…” Who or what is Micah differentiating himself from?

  3. There are three verbs in this passage – what are they? Why should they be significant to us?

  4. How does God “hear” us if we simply watch and wait?

  5. How is this passage Messianic? In other words, how does it point to Jesus?

  6. How does Advent involve a change of direction in our everyday lives?

All These Things…. – Matthew 6:25-34 [November 25]

Interact/Small Group Questions

1. What are the things you worry about most?

2. Do you ever ask God to help, or do you try and work things out by yourself?

3. Verse 32 says that God knows exactly what you need. Do you trust Him to take care of you?

4. Read verse 33. What does it mean to “seek the kingdom of heaven first?”

5. When Jesus says, “All these things,” what do you think He’s talking about?

6. Is this passage telling us to just trust God and do nothing, or is there more?