Sermon Discussion Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions

Small Group/Interact Questions (August 13)

  1. Isaiah 2:1-5, and 4:2-6 are poems. Some have described the first poem as “what Jerusalem should be,” and the second, “what Jerusalem will be.” Do you agree?

  2. These poems bracket two chapters of condemnation for Judah’s religious and moral failure. How do these poems make these chapters hopeful?

  3. Both of these passages concern the kingdom of God. Do you think it’s His heavenly kingdom, or the one He is establishing on earth?

  4. If considered from an earthly perspective, what is 2:3-4 describing?

  5. In Isaiah 4:2, a “branch” is mentioned. This term is sometimes used to refer to the coming Messiah. How does this change your reading of the passage?

  6. Explain how Isaiah 4:4-6 relates to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“I See The Lord”  Isaiah 2:1-5 and 4:2-6

Small Group/Interact Questions (August 6)

  1. According to verses 1-4, what is the problem that God is addressing through His prophet Isaiah?

  2. What comparison does He make in verse 3 to drive His point home?

  3. In verses 5-9, it appears as though God’ people have suffered greatly. Why does Isaiah bring this up?

  4. In verses 10-14, God’s people appear to be faithful in worship and bringing offerings to the temple. What is God’s response? Why does He feel this way?

  5. How do you reconcile verse 15 with Psalm 18:6? Why has God stopped listening?

  6. If the way of salvation and reconciliation with God is “not by works,” as Ephesians 2 says, how do you explain verses 16-17?

  7. According to verses 18-20, how is our sin forgiven?

“I See The Lord”  Isaiah 1:1-20