Sermon Discussion Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions

Small Group/Interact (March 26)

  1. According to verses 1-4, how are we to “test” the spirits?

  2. Where do you see the “spirit of the antichrist” in the world today?

  3. The truth of verse 4 is powerful. How do we keep this in the forefront of our minds and hearts?

  4. In verses 7-21, the word love occurs 27 times. What is the connection between God’s love and human love?

  5. In verses 8 and 16, John says that “God is love.” What makes this more than just an abstract statement (see verses 9-11)?

  6. What is our love – or lack of love – evidence of?

  7. Read verses 16-18. How does love drive away fear?

“That You May Know” 1 John 4

Interact/Small Group Questions (March 19)

  1. What motivated Cain to kill Abel? What are other motivations for hating someone?

  2. According to verse 16, what defines love?

  3. What are some practical ways you can “lay down your life” for someone else?

  4. Read verse 18. Think of a time when you experienced someone’s love in both word and deed. How did their actions affect you?

  5. In verses 19-22, John sets up two different scenarios. Describe each of them, and explain the differences.

  6. Read verse 24. How are we assured that God lives in us – by following His commands or by the testimony of the Spirit?

  7. Have you ever felt as though you let God (and other Christians) down so badly that you can never be welcome in His family? How does this passage give you confidence and assurance you are loved by God?

“That You May Know” 1 John 3:11-24