Sermon Discussion Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions

“Seeds of Grace” Week 4 – Good Measure Food Pantry –Matthew 25:31-46 [February 24]

  1. In this parable, what are the characteristics of people described as “sheep,” and what are the characteristics of those described as “goats?”

  2. Why do you think Jesus makes care for the poor and needy THE issue by which he evaluates His followers in this story – rather than doctrine, personal holiness, or something else?

  3. What’s the difference between doing good works to earn God’s love, and doing good works because God loves us?

  4. What’s more important, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with our words or with our actions?

  5. What do verses 40 and 45 say about the importance of caring for the poor?

  6. How does Grace Chapel’s food pantry facilitate us being more “sheep-like?”

“Seeds of Grace” Week 3 – Young Life – 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 [February 17]

  1. If this passage is a blueprint for ministry, what are some of the main components?

  2. Paul and his colleagues were persecuted in Philippi. Even so, what was his priority?

  3. Verse 4 speaks of Paul striving to please God and not people. What are some modern examples of this?

  4. In verses 7-8 Paul mixes his metaphors, but what’s the point he’s trying to get across?

  5. In verse 8, there’s a powerful statement concerning how Paul ministers. What is it?

  6. In verses 11-12, Paul introduces another metaphor. What’s he communicating?

  7. How does this passage help you understand the ministry of Young Life a little better?

“Seeds of Grace” Week 2 – Church Planting – Acts 13:1-3 [February 10]

  1. What is unique about the church in Antioch? (See Acts 11:26)

  2. What were the church leaders doing when they heard from the Holy Spirit? Why is this an important piece of information?

  3. According to verse 1, how many people were fasting and praying? How many heard THE SAME THING from the Holy Spirit? What do you think about this?

  4. What did the group send Barnabas and Paul off to do?

  5. How is this passage connected to planting new churches?

  6. How does it speak to the process of starting new churches?

“Seeds of Grace” Week 1 – Appalachian Impact – 1 John 3:16-18 [February 3]
  1. What is the context of today’s passage? How does it remind us of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

  2. What are some practical ways you can “lay down your life” for someone else?

  3. If you have something in your possession (money/clothing/a house or car) and you do not share them with someone in need, what does verse 17 say? Does this statement seem a little bit judgemental?

  4. Read verse 18. Think of a time when you experienced someone’s love in both word and deed. How did their actions affect you?

  5. How does Grace Chapel’s Appalachian Impact Mission fulfill this passage?

  6. What are some other ways we (as a church or as individuals) can respond to this passage?

Born To Give Us Life – final week – Matthew 16:13-18 [January 27]

  1. Why do you think Jesus asked what He did in verse 13?

  2. What did the disciple’s answers indicate?

  3. What was Peter’s answer? How does it differ from what others had said? How did he know?

  4. As a result of Peter’s answer, what promise did Jesus give?

  5. This is the first time Jesus uses the word “church.” What does it mean?

  6. Who is building this church, and on what basis is it being built?

  7. How does this passage inform the modern Christian church? Does it offer a blueprint or guidelines for how we are to operate?