Sermon Discussion Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions

Interact/Small Group Questions (October 22)

  1. 2 Kings 18 introduces us to King Hezekiah. Read verses 1-8 and describe in your own words what kind of king he was.

  2. Isaiah first mentions King Hezekiah in chapter 36. Read verses 1-10 and describe the setting.

  3. King Hezekiah’s representatives make a request of the Assyrian commander in Isaiah 36:11 – what is it? How does the commander respond?

  4. Isaiah 37 describes King Hezekiah’s response to meeting with the Assyrian commander. What was it? After hearing the news, what does Hezekiah do next? (v. 14)

  5. In verse 21 of chapter 37, Isaiah offers Hezekiah a prophecy from God. What is it?

  6. In chapter 38, Hezekiah becomes ill. What does he do (verses 2-3)? How does God respond?

  7. In chapter 39, visitors from Babylon come to Hezekiah. What do they ask of him? What does Hezekiah do?

  8. What is Isaiah’s prophecy (39:5-7)? What did Hezekiah think about it? Was he right?

“I See The Lord”  Isaiah 36-39

Small Group/Interact Questions (October 15)

  1. Chapter 28 begins a new section that is continued through Chapter 29. What is the theme?

  2. Verse 1 identifies Jerusalem as “Ariel” which means “altar/hearth,” or the place of an ever-burning fire. Fire can be purifying and destructive, so how is does this name fit God’s people?

  3. Verses 11-12 present a metaphor of the people in Jerusalem. What is the point?

  4. Verse 13 is quoted in Matthew 15:7 and Mark 7:6. Describe the context in which Jesus uses this phrase.

  5. Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-25. How does the Apostle Paul use Isaiah 29:14?

  6. Paul also quotes verse 16 in Romans 9:19. What is the message in that passage?

  7. When you combine today’s passage with the three quotations from the New Testament, what does it say about God? Jesus? You?

“I See The Lord” Isaiah 29:11-24