Posts from 2008

Posts from 2008

>Finishing The New Year

> View Edit I’ve always enjoyed starting something new. Whether it’s a book or a garden or a vacation, the beginning is my favorite part. That’s when things are still fresh and exciting, where anticipation runs high and all your expectations are still reasonable. Beginning something is always easier than seeing it through to the end. Posted by Doug Walker on December…

>It's A Brand New Day

> As much as I like the idea of a clean slate, I know it can’t be that way. We are who we are in part because of the trials, mistakes and blunders we’ve committed and endured. Posted by Doug Walker on October 15th, 2008 I have a friend who always signs off on his emails with the phrase, “It’s a brand new day.” Some of you may have heard…

>We've moved!

>The Graceworks blog has moved to the Grace Chapel website. Go to to read new blog entries, download podcasts of the Sunday messages, and to find out what’s happening at Grace Chapel. Join us for our fall kick off barbeque Wednesday, August 27 at 5:30pm. Everyone is welcome!

>This One's for the Ladies

> Every word I believed intill I felt it in my own heartin the deepest partthe healing came -Sara Groves Posted by Robin Schmidt on August 20th, 2008 There are women in our lives that intimidate us. We are awed by their beauty or their gifts or their strength or their popularity and we pull back. We are afraid to approach. We are afraid of rejection. “She…

>There Are No God Forsaken Places

> The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want. Mark 14:7 Posted by Doug Walker on July 20th, 2008 The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want.Mark 14:7 The scene was a dinner party, and Jesus was the guest of honor. Everyone was reclining at the table, sharing stories and enjoying one…
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