Why Starbucks?

Third Space. It’s not home. It’s not school. It’s not church. It’s out there.  It’s somewhere that is nobody’s turf.  It’s a place where you can go and be who you are and not who people think you ought to be. This is Third Space.  This generation is facing more pressure and expectations than any before it.  The youth of today have…

One At A Time

Check out this video. It’s one man’s take on bringing just, mercy, and compassion to a broken world. What do you think? What’s your role? Who’s your one person? Thanks Walt Mueller for the heads up. [vodpod…

The Gospel: The Key to Parenting

Below is a link to an article that I read today.  It has great insight and has provided some serious food for thought in my own parenting.  How are we as parents getting to the hearts of our kids? Are we preaching the gospel to them or are we creating moralists? The Gospel: The Key to Parenting :: gospel, interview, parenting :: A Reformed, Christian Blog.

The Younger Unchurched…

There are so many thoughts running around in regards to the emerging generations.  These generations are building an ever greater legend for themselves as the “unreachable” generation. They drop out of the faith following high school.  They are all “evolutionists”. They “hate the church”.
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