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Welcome to Their Jungle, Part 1

In the last post we looked at worldviews and spent a great deal of time on the postmodern worldview. The next chapter in Mueller’s text is all about how the postmodern worldview is shaping the mission to the youth culture. I particularly like Mueller’s phrase, “A Mission Field Molded by Postmodernity” (81). Before moving forward I want to set out a…

A Worldview Without a Center

This is the fourth post in our series on Walt Mueller’s book, Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture. I would encourage to look back at where we have come from before reading on. This post is on worldviews. A worldview is the grid through which we make sense of the world. It’s our filter for understanding the good and the bad.  Through our worldview critical…

How Big is Facebook?

This link will take you to an article showing the statistical realities of facebook.  It is quite simply THE social network of this generation.  You cannot underestimate the influence it is having in the lives of your children. How Big is Facebook?.

It's A Whole New World

This is the third post in a series on Walt Mueller’s book, Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture.  We are picking up on his next theme and that is the reality of a changing world. The world around us is changing and a new way of understanding the world around us is beginning to emerge.  He quotes Gerard Kelly saying, “change can be approached in two ways –…

The Lost Generation

This video was created by a 20 year old for the AARP (who knew you would see that acronym on a youth site?). After it was shown the audience erupted in spontaneous applause. While this is a break from the Walt Mueller series, I thought it was worth bringing to your attention. ht Bill