One of the most difficult things in parenting is knowing how much to oversee our kids.  When do we let them go?  How much is enough rope to give them? These are the issues surrounding the issue of “helicopter parenting”.  There is a new book out that has been looking at these issues in depth. Check out this interview with the author and let me know what you think.


  1. Robin

    Very interesting. Especially the comments. So many helicopter parents felt they had to be, or disaster would have resulted. Being someone who understands too well fear as a motivator, I wonder how much fear was a driving factor. Sounds like it was.

    I was certainly more a parent out of control, but raised my kids in a parent with limits culture, so I hope the culture mellowed me, or limited my out of control-edness. Not allowing kids to blow it is a disaster itself.

    I appreciate the author not defining what perfect parenting looks like. She’s right. You can’t. Too much individualism, kids/parents/circumstances. But it is always worth examining what we are doing and asking why.

    The book is probably a very interesting read.

    • Daniel Rose

      Yes, fear is such a huge issue surrounding this whole thing. I keep thinking that there must be something we are missing when it comes to spiritual formation that Christian parents deal with this kind of fear. It would seem that we would be able to trust God with out kids. Maybe we are missing on a right view of God or something else.

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