“That You May Be Certain” 2 John

“That You May Be Certain” 2 John


Small Group/Interact Questions

  1. In the first three verses, John mentions “truth” four times. What are the different aspects of truth that he refers to?
  2. In verse six, John equates love with obedience to God’s commands. Is this similar or different that your definition of love?
  3. Verse four commends the readers for walking in truth, yet in verse 8 they are told to watch out for the deceivers. If they are walking in truth, why do they need to be warned?
  4. According to verse 7, what is the “deceptive view?” What variations of this view are still present today?
  5. Explain verse 9. How does someone “run out ahead?”
  6. Verse 10-11 contain some pretty harsh warnings. How do you reconcile these verse with the earlier ones concerning love for one another?
  7. Taking the letter as a whole, what are John’s hopes for the community he is writing to? Do you share those hopes in our community today?

Children’s Questions

  1. In verses 1-4, there is a word repeated five times. What is it?
  2. In verse 5, John gives a command. What is it?
  3. According to verse 6, what is love?
  4. What does verse 9 say about following another teaching besides Jesus Christ?
  5. What are some ways you can love others?